Top 9 Wooden Baby Cradles for Your Newborn (2021 Reviews)

Keeping your sweet baby close during sleep is something new parents worry about. A wooden baby cradle is a brilliant option. They’re adored for their safety and increased convenience.

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You’re likely very passionate about your bundle of joy’s safety. So, choose a new wooden baby cradle with increased breathability levels. Check the mattress fits properly inside the wooden cradle, avoid extra bedding and small parts.

Stay away from off-gassing and ensure the paint is lead-free and has a small level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Check the quality and type of the wood and make sure the edges are smooth. All fixtures should be firm and tights.

Read on to find out all you need to know about wooden baby cradles to make sure your little one gets the best quality sleep.

What Is a Cradle?

A cradle is the perfect bed for your little one. It’s the mid-point between a crib and a bassinet. It’s heavier than a rocking bassinet but smaller than the crib. Thanks to the cradle’s design, you can fit it next to your bed and help your baby fall asleep with the gentle rocking motion.

What What Ages Are They for?

Cradles are perfect for newborns. But, considering the size and weight of your baby, a wooden baby cradle can be helpful for babies who outgrow the five-month mark. Depending on the make, cradles are suitable for 8-months old babies.

Why Choose a Cradle?

Cradles come with a variety of unique features such as rocking, portability, durability, and design convenience. The rocking feature is a massive bonus when it comes to soothing your baby to sleep. Thanks to the design, you can fit the cradle next to your bed. Also, the strong build ensures that your baby will be safe during sleep.

Best Wooden Baby Cradles for Newborn Babies

Babybjörn Cradle Product Image

The Baby Bjorn Cradle relaxes your baby and helps him/ her get a peaceful sleep. The stylish, portable, and top-quality cradle comes with a smooth manual side-to-side movement. Moreover, the cradle’s intuitive design ensures it follows your baby’s natural movements.

The JPMA-certified cradle is made with high-class materials and it’s easy to wash. This means the fabrics are kind to the baby’s skin and harmless to taste. Additionally, they’re free of toxic substances and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1- approved. Moreover, the seamless and lightweight design makes it easy to carry to any room.

What I love about it:

  • The Baby Bjorn cradle is JPMA-certified and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1- approved.
  • The product is lightweight and easy to move;
  • The cradle features a comfortable mattress and rocking movement;
  • It’s easy to use and washable.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The cradle is expensive.


Green Frog Portable Rocker Product Image

The Green Frog Portable Rocker is a foldable, portable, and lightweight cradle made to deliver exceptional sleep. What I Love about it is that the cradle’s smart design comprising wheels, makes it very easy to move. Additionally, the baby cradle rocker comes with a carry case and it’s foldable, which allows you to carry it during travel.

The end-to-end gentle motion rocks your baby to sleep in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to install and made of durable materials. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and the low-profile makes the cradle easy to store away.

What I Love about it:

  • The cradle is foldable and portable;
  • It’s made of resistant materials and free of toxins;
  • The cradle comes with a mattress and slipover sheet, carry bag, and wheels
  • The unit includes breathable and washable fabric.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The product is expensive.


Best Feature-rich:

3. Snoo Smart Sleeper

Snoo Smart Sleeper Product Image

The Snoo Smart Sleeper is designed by a renowned pediatrician for increased responsiveness to your baby’s movements and sounds. Your baby’s motion and noises trigger an in-built system, which produces white noise to offer superior comfort. The unit comes with an app, which helps you control the system.

Tech lovers will adore the cradle, which also comes with SNOO sacks to keep your baby safe and warm during sleep. Lastly, the cradle is made of wood, organic cotton, and non-toxic plastic materials.

What I Love about it:

  • The cradle includes a mattress, a fitted sheet, and 3 attachable swaddles;
  • It’s safe and comprises non-toxic materials;
  • It includes a white-noise in-built system, which you can control via an app.

Something to keep in mind:

  • When the Wi-Fi is on, the baby is exposed to EMF (electromagnetic frequency);
  • Connectivity errors between the app and the cradle’s system may occur.


Dream on Me Luna/Haven Product Image

The Dream on Me Luna/Haven cradle comes in 7 different colors and features a modern and sleek look. The solid wood cradle is attractive and practical. Additionally, it’s made of solid wood for increased durability and strength. Moreover, the affordable hand rocking cradle offers a smooth back and forth motion, which sooths and relaxes your baby. It’s portable and includes a mattress and brake stabilizers. Finally, the paint is non-toxic, and the wood is top-quality for high safety levels.

What I Love about it:

  • The cradle is stable and made of strong solid wood;
  • It’s classic cradle, which uses manual rocking;
  • The cradle includes brake stabilizers for security;
  • The corners are smooth, and the wood and paint are non-toxic.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The mattress may not be of the best quality.


Best Minimalist Design:

No products found.

The Green Frog Allegro is stunning modern cradle with a minimalistic look and feel. The cradle is made of top-quality New Zealand Pine and includes non-toxic baby safe paint. The soft and comfortable mattress offers your baby the needed support for a relaxing and safe sleep.

The stylish and sleek cradle rocks manually and locks safely in place. It’s made for use until your baby can get up on his or her hands and knees.

What I Love about it:

  • The cradle comprises solid New Zealand Pine wood;
  • It’s available in three colors including gray, espresso, and white;
  • It includes a soft and comfortable mattress which offers the best support to your baby during sleep;
  • It’s made of premium and non-toxic materials;
  • The cradle rocks but also locks into place.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The paint may chip off on some products.

No products found.

The Orbelle French White Lola Cradle Product Image

The Orbelle French White Lola is a brilliantly hand-crafted cradle made of top-quality solid wood with exquisite detailed curves. The product includes a comfortable mattress and comes with anti-rock pins.

The classical cradle has a beautiful aesthetic and offers your baby excellent comfort. Moreover, the footboard and headboard are exceptional and comprise soft padding. Lastly, the product includes non-toxic materials and has low VOCs.

What I Love about it:

  • The product is made at the strictest quality standards;
  • The cradle is hand crafted and features an exceptional aesthetic;
  • It comes with anti-rock pins, which stops the rocking motion of the cradle;
  • It includes a mattress, which is 1 inch thick;
  • The cradle sheet is available separately.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The product is expensive.


Best for Newborn:

No products found.

The Green Frog Now and Forever features a traditional but stylish look. The cradle comes with optional castors, which increase portability rates. It also includes stable legs, if you’re looking for a cradle which doesn’t rock.

The elegant product is available in 3 colors and features an open-slat design. Additionally, the Green Frog Now and Forever sooths your little bundle of joy with a gentle rocking motion. Finally, the cradle includes a mattress and it’s made of top-quality New Zealand pine wood.

What I Love about it:

  • The wooden baby cradle comes with optional standalone feet and wheels;
  • Thanks to the open-slap design, the cradle offers increased viewability and breathability;
  • It’s portable and you can easily move it from one room to another;
  • It has a traditional and elegant design.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The cradle’s paint may chip off in some parts.

No products found.

Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Wood Bassinet Product Image

The Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Wood Bassinet is a cozy place for your baby to sleep in. Your little one can sleep by your bedside where you can see her/ him. The cradle’s mesh sides offer increased airflow for a perfect sleep environment.

The exceptional baby cradle swing is portable. Just fold it up and go. Your baby will enjoy a peaceful and top-quality sleep in this cradle. Moreover, the smart design and DreamComfort fabric deliver a dimmer sleep environment. It’s comfortable space for your baby to rest in.

What I Love about it:

  • The cradle is made of top-quality materials, free from toxins;
  • The product is efficient and features a smart design for increased breathability and comfort;
  • The cradle is foldable and easy to carry;
  • You can place the bassinet right next to your bedside.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The mattress has a split down the middle, which may cause discomfort to your baby.


Best Classic Design:

No products found.

The Orbelle Trading Ga Ga is an exceptional cradle made for a relaxing sleep. The hand-crafted cradle is designed with stoppers, to prevent it from rocking. Moreover, the solid wood build offers increased stability and strength. So your baby can enjoy a top-quality and comfortable sleep in the Orbelle Trading Ga Ga cradle.

The baby rocking cradle is free from toxins and offers a safe environment for your baby to relax in. Also, it’s lightweight and easy to move around the room. Lastly, the classical look blended with high-performance features make the cradle an excellent addition to your nursery.

What I Love about it:

  • The wooden baby cradle is affordable and features a beautiful classic design;
  • It’s made of premium solid wood for increased stability and durability;
  • It comes with stoppers, to prevent rocking.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The cradle can move excessively when your baby is agitated.

No products found.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wooden Baby Cradle

When you’re preparing to welcome your new baby into your home, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right wooden cradle. Your baby must feel comfortable, safe and calm to enjoy a relaxing and top-quality rest.


Avoid family hand-me-downs or borrowed cradles, if you don’t know what they are made of, and stick to the new baby cradles available on the market.

Check for Certifications:

To ensure your baby will get a top-notch cradle, triple-check the safety certifications and buy the newest versions. Check for CPSC and JPMA certifications.


Choose a breathable mattress for the cradle. Most wooden cradles include slats on the side, which improve airflow around the baby’s body. Make sure the mattress fits the cradle properly and that it’s safe for your baby when she/ he rolls over on her/his stomach during sleep.

The mattress should fit neatly inside the cradle and not leave a large gap between the mattress and the inside of the cradle. Too large of a gap can be dangerous as your baby can get a leg or arm stuck.

Be aware of off-gassing and choose mattresses with low chemical emissions and reduced VOCs. The chemicals can harm your baby’s health and cause serious diseases. Look out for the Greenguard certification, which highlights that the product has low chemical emissions.

Solid Build:

Buy a solid rocking cradle, which won’t tip over even when you accidentally bump into it at night. Make sure the wheels lock securely. Also, never leave the cradle’s side while it’s rocking your baby. An unattended rocking wooden cradle can become a safety hazard.

Extra Bedding:

Invest in high quality organic crib sheets, and a few spares for changing, but steer clear of extra bedding accessories in your baby cradle rocker. Although it looks amazing, it can prevent your baby from breathing correctly while sleeping. It can also get in the way of your baby changing position. Consider an organic baby sleep sack if you’re worried about your little one getting cold at night.

Check for Safety:

Check for any pointy or sharp components, especially on the interior of the cradle. Position the cradle away from blinds, strings, or curtains. Make sure the slats are smooth and don’t include any chipping paint.

Keep it Simple:

Keep everything neat and simple. Although vintage cradles look lovely, prioritize safety, reliability, and sturdiness and opt for a simple set-up. Don’t choose a cradle with decorative cutouts on the footboard or headboard.

Safety Considerations While Choosing Wooden Baby Cradles

Safety is a top priority when it comes to your baby’s sleep. Choose a cradle with low VOCs and which comprises natural non-toxic materials. Make sure the paint and wood aren’t chipping off.

Also, the mattress must fit properly inside the cradle, without leaving gaps either side. Avoid extra bedding, which may obstruct your baby’s breathing and prevent him/ her from moving during sleep.


Preparing for a newborn can be costly. Cradles are only useful for the first 8 months of your little one’s life. And the period can get even shorter if your baby grows quickly. So, set a budget and choose the best cradle you can afford to buy. Ensure the cradle meets the safety and comfort conditions to offer your baby the best quality sleep.


Exquisite accessories and furniture add to the joy of decorating your bundle of joy’s nursery. Whether you prefer a vintage, classic look, or a more modern and minimalistic setup, you’ll find a cradle, which fits your style. Go for a classic and gender-neutral aesthetic.

Choose blues and pinks. Or keep it contemporary and classic with steel and aluminum accents. The choice is yours.


Cradles come with different add-on options to improve efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. Accessories include straps, mattresses, canopies, standalone feet, and toys. You can use straps to connect the cradle to your bed’s mattress. Canopies keep out sunlight and provide a relaxing environment to sooth your baby to sleep.

Some cradles don’t include mattresses and you’ll find them available separately. Standalone feet replace any wheels and stabilize the cradle. Also, you’ll find a variety of toys for the cradle, which you can place above the sleep area.

Ease of Use

Cradles are designed with ease of use in mind. The intuitive structure and smart design of wooden cradles increase their mobility. Although they’re made of resistant materials, they’re lightweight and feature wheels. You can easily move the cradle around to find the perfect position for an exceptional quality sleep.

Movement and Features

Thanks to their smart design, cradles are easy to move. The ergonomic shape and wheel sets help you move the cradle in different positions. Also, some cradles are foldable for travel purposes. The unique rocking feature delivered by most cradles helps your little one enjoy a top-quality sleep. Cradles are stable, strong, resistant, and durable to ensure a safe and comfortable setup for your baby.


Some cradles have an increased level of portability. The folding option allows you to easily pack the cradle whenever you’re on the go. Also, foldable cradles come with storage solutions to improve their portability. Whenever you’re travelling, you can take the cradle with you to provide your baby with a comfortable resting place.

Non-toxic Materials

Because of the international safety regulations in place, cradles are checked and controlled by global authorities for levels of toxins and gas emissions. You must check for international standard certifications, which prove that the cradle has low or no VOCs and it’s made of non-toxic materials.


The cradle’s mattress must be firm and comfortable. The right sleeping position for babies is on their backs. But during sleep, babies can move and roll over. Make sure the mattress doesn’t obstruct your baby’s breathing and offers increased breathability levels. Also, ensure the mattress fits properly in the cradle without leaving gaps either side.

FAQs About Wooden Baby Cradles

  • Should I Invest in a Rocking Cradle?

    They are mainly used for toddlers who are about 1 to 3 years of age though some can be used for older children. Yes, you should invest in a rocking cradle. Wooden rocking cradles offer superior comfort to your little one. The unique rocking movement sooths your baby to sleep. They are mainly used for toddlers who are about 1 to 3 years of age though some can be used for older children.

  • Can My Newborn Sleep in a Cradle?

    Yes, your newborn can safely sleep in a cradle. Ensure the cradle meets all safety conditions and check the mattresses quality

  • What Should I Consider When Purchasing a Used Cradle?

    You should avoid purchasing used cradles. Whenever you purchase a used cradle, you can’t be sure about the real wear and tear level. Paint chips, VOCs, and wood chips can harm your baby.

  • Can I Build My Own Cradle?

    Yes, you’ll find a variety of DIY cradles on the market. The best approach, though, is to purchase a top-quality and efficient cradle from leading specialized brands. These cradles are safety and health certified.

The Bottom Line

As a halfway point between a crib and a bassinet, a cradle is a must-have for new parents. Cradles come in different shapes, sizes, and with world-class features. The unique rocking feature sooths your bundle of joy to sleep and offers exceptional comfort. Additionally, they’re portable, lightweight, and include a variety of accessories to improve your baby’s comfort.

A cradle makes it easy for you to keep your newborn close to your bed at night. You can also keep an eye on your baby while she or he is sleeping. Cradles are built with sleep safety in mind.

A premium baby rocking cradle comes with a comfortable and supportive mattress to ensure that your baby can breathe, even when he or she rolls over.

Another great safe baby sleep option you might want to consider is investing in a crib attached to bed.

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