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Privacy, eh? It’s a serious business. There you are, harmlessly pottering about on the internet, and before you know it you’re being bombarded with ads and your inbox is filling up with emails advertising the sort of services that we blush to mention.

Well, have no fear. For we at have got your back, because we take privacy as seriously as you do (in fact, probably a bit more, we have to think about this sort of stuff, it’s, like, the law). So, we promise: no unsolicited emails, no mysterious third parties, no selling on of data. Be a bit weird being as green and ethical as possible and then resorting to that sort of thing.



Look, we have to use them, or else the whole experience becomes a bit tedious, as you get asked the same question over and over, so, pretty please, just accept the cookies and then we can all get on with our day.


Our Mailing list

Should you subscribe, all we ask for is your name (you can totally make that up, by the way). We kind of need that bit so you get the right info. Beyond that we don’t ask for much. You can opt out at any time by clicking “unsubscribe”, though we hope you don’t, obviously.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at

If you want to read more of our legal gibberish click here.

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