Crib Attached To Bed: Best Baby Co-sleeper Cribs, Bassinets & Beds 2021

Love watching your newborn child sleep with a divinely peaceful expression? Feel like snuggling up and reassuring her any time during the night? Who doesn’t! A co-sleeping crib attached to bed is your ideal solution. Crib co-sleepers are becoming increasingly popular lately, as they allow you to keep your baby close. This is especially valuable for breastfeeding mothers and moms with C-sections, who find it hard to move around easily during those initial days.

A brilliant and safe way to do this is to go for a co-sleeper crib, cot or bassinet that attaches to the bed.

Having baby’s crib attached to bed reduces the likelihood of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Your baby is at arm’s reach at all times. But the chance of accidental suffocation is low compared to baby sleeping in bed with you.Tweet

About Co-sleeping Cribs that Attach To Bed

A crib attached to bed, as the name suggests, is an attachable crib to bed that is fitted right next to parents’ bed to let a baby sleep along with parents while practically sleeping on a separate cot.

These kinds of cribs are commonly known as co-sleeping cribs but due to their smaller sizes, many of them fall in the category of bassinets and are referred to as co-sleeping bassinets.

Best Co-sleeping Crib Attached to Bed : Key Features at a Glance

  • A co-sleeping crib attached to bed substantially reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • It helps moms quickly reach the baby without having to leave the bed. This is especially helpful for the first few days after delivery.
  • The crib-side that comes down helps parents sleep right next to the baby while still in a separate bed. This makes breastfeeding or attending to baby during the night really easy.
  • Right next to the parent’s bed, a co-sleeping crib attached to bed keeps your child under constant parental vigilance for safety.
  • It is usually smaller and lighter than a regular cradle. This makes a crib attached to bed an excellent choice for small spaces too.

Here is a list of some of my favorite co-sleeping bed picks in each category. Anyone of these would ensure your baby’s safety and will let you cherish the warm experience of sleeping cozily with your bundle of joy. I hope that you will find the best co-sleeper crib attached to bed for you and your baby, with the help of this guide.

Best co-sleeper crib attached to bed- title infographic

Top 10 Best Co-Sleeper Cribs in 2021

Best Co-sleeping cribs for Newborns (0-3 months):

1. Arm’s Reach Concepts Bassinet Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Co-sleeper

Arm’s Reach Concepts Bassinet Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Co-sleeper Product Image

Don’t worry if you’re not entirely convinced about co-sleeping or having the baby in bed with you. The Mini Arc works as a free-standing bassinet as well as a co-sleeping crib attached to bed.

Its neutral color option blends well in any room with any decor. Additionally, the open mesh design allows for great ventilation and gives a clear view of the baby inside. It includes storage space which is highly convenient for keeping essentials for night time use, such as diapers and formula. It works best for younger babies from the ages of 0-5 months.

Colors Available:

Natural, Turquoise Geo, Toffee, Toffee Stripe, Chevron, Java Dot, Damask

What I love about it:

  • It is JPMA certified and conforms to ASTM safety standards
  • Works as a free-standing bassinet as well as a co-sleeper
  • One side can be rolled down to connect it to the parent’s bed
  • Due to its convenient design, it is an ideal pick for nursing moms and those who’ve had a C-section
  • It is portable and can be folded quickly into a nylon carrying case (10″ x 10″ x 32″).
  • Comes with four see-through and breathable mesh sides that give a clear view of the baby inside
  • It has wheels on one end for easy movement
  • Comes with an attached storage tray and one pocket on both sides
  • Includes a deluxe mattress and a fitted sheet
  • Also includes a nylon strap and plate. This can be attached to the parent’s bed to convert the bassinet into co-sleeper
  • It is a perfect co-sleeper for bed heights starting at 24″ (Measured from the floor to the top of the adult mattress)
  • It is light in weight and a great pick for small spaced rooms and houses. One of the best mini crib attached to bed available.
  • It has a sturdy and stable body
  • Easy to assemble and really easy to pack up for traveling!
  • If its height suits you then you can use this bassinet as a changing table after the baby outgrows it. The attached storage compartments will be of great help for this.

Something to keep in mind:

  • This crib attached to bed does not have built-in leg extensions like the Clear Vue co-sleeper so, if your bed is greater than 24″ tall, a leg extension kit has to be purchased at an additional cost.
  • The folding up is very easy but could be tricky to understand in the first go (as the buttons that have to be pressed for folding are initially a little hard and hidden behind the fabric linings). I would advise you to look up at a few video demonstrations available online if you find the process difficult to understand by reading the instructions alone. (It might also help to know that for safety reasons, there is a defined order to set up and take down this co-sleeper. During set up, the top bars are locked first, and then the bottom. When taking it down, the bottom bars are released first, and then the top bars)


The co-sleeper and bassinet modes by Arm’s Reach are designed for an infant up to approximately 5 months in age (or about 23 pounds in weight) or when the child begins to push up on hands and knees, whichever occurs first. It can be used longer than a Moses basket, but once baby starts to push up, you want to move to a bigger crib or a bedside cot.

Overall, it is a good quality co-sleeper crib. It provides all the features that you need in a co-sleeper. Light in weight and a great pick for small spaced rooms and houses. It is one of the best mini cribs available.


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Best Co-sleeping Crib for Infants (3 months to 6 months)

2. Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue

Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Product Image

This is a good co-sleeper crib attached to bed for parents who want the ability to use the crib as co-sleeper or lift-up the collapsible arm-rail for safe sleeping during the day. The clear mesh sides help parents to have a clear view of their baby at all times and the inbuilt leg extensions allow it to work for almost any bed height. These legs adjust between 24” and 30” in 2” increments. Also, includes a nylon strap and plate that can be attached to the parent’s bed to convert the bassinet into co-sleeper.

It is a great co-sleeper for infants but won’t work for babies older than 5 months due to the height of the arms which will be easy to climb over for more mobile infants.

What I love about it:

  • It is JPMA certified and conforms to ASTM safety standards
  • Works as a free-standing bassinet as well as a bedside co-sleeper
  • One side can be lowered to connect it to the parent’s bed
  • Gives a clear view of the baby inside with all four see-through and breathable mesh sides
  • Comes with a large attached storage basket and one pocket on both sides
  • Includes a mattress and a fitted sheet
  • Easy to set up
  • If the height suits you then it can be used as a changing table even after the baby outgrows it.
  • Plenty of attached storage compartments.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The mattress that comes with it fits great but since it is a thin one, some parents prefer to buy another one that is softer and organic.
  • When you roll down the co-sleeper side attached to bed, it goes down around half way and a little barrier (around 4 inches high) remains. Practically, this barrier helps to keep the baby in place but some parents prefer it to go all the way down leaving no barrier in between.

Additional Specs:

  • Colors Available- Cocoa Fern and Natural
  • It has inbuilt leg extensions to adjust to varying bed heights. These legs adjust between 24″ and 30″ in 2″ increments.
  • Has four castor wheels (lockable) for easy mobility around the house
  • Includes a nylon strap and plate that can be attached to the parent’s bed to convert the bassinet into co-sleeper
  • The included fabric liner is removable and washable


The co-sleeper crib attached to bed and bassinet modes by Arm’s Reach are designed for an infant up to approximately 5 months in age (or about 23 pounds in weight). Or when the child begins to push up on hands and knees, whichever occurs first.

This co-sleeper cot is a great choice for moms choosing to breast feed as well as those recovering from a C-section. It’s also a great choice for small spaced rooms. It is concise, and has all the features you would ever need to co-sleep with you little one.

The wheels could have slightly better grip, for the most part. Moreover, it is the perfect co-sleeping bed. this is because it allows parents the option of co-sleeping with their child or using it as a crib. Additionally, it is also a great pick for moms who prefer to breastfeed.


Best Baby Bassinet Attaches to Bed for C-Sections & Breast-feeding

3. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Product Image

This swivel sleeper allows for easy breastfeeding, especially during night feeds. Moms can have baby close by the bed without having them share the bed and when needed, swivel the co-sleeping bassinet close for nursing.

This is an ideal co-sleeping crib for new moms who may have had to go through a C-section as its low arms make it easy to tend to baby without mom having to reach or extend herself too much. The side wall lowers so you can have baby sleep right next to you with an open space or you can lock it up if you want to be sure that baby doesn’t roll into your bed. It also swivels should you need to bring them in closer or move it out for easy exiting from your bed.

Colors Available:

Blue Ikat, Modern Lattice, Morning Mist

What I love about it:

  • It’s easy to move and allows for safe and comfortable sleeping for newborns.
  • JPMA certified and independently tested to meet or exceed all U.S. CPSC and Health Canada safety standards for bassinets
  • This standalone baby co-sleeper attaches to bed and swivels smoothly. It rotates full 360 degrees to easily reach the baby from any side
  • The full rotation also helps mommy to easily get on and off the bed without letting the bassinest block her way
  • Ideal for nursing mothers and mothers recovering from C-sections
  • Mesh side allows for clear visibility at any time, and easy access for breast feeding.
  • Side-wall can be lowered to tend to the baby easily without having to get out of bed and locked when positioned upright
  • Height can be adjusted to fit beds anywhere between 22 inches to 34 inches tall
  • It has a stable four point base, half of which goes under the bed. This saves space.
  • It comes with a wonderful set of features together known as the ‘Soothing Center’. This Soothing Center includes
    • Nursing Timer
    • Nightlight
    • 3 lullabies and 3 soothing sounds
    • 2 levels of vibration (All these features come with a 30-minute auto shutoff)
  • The Halo Bassinest crib attached to bed has storage capacity with two storage pockets to store important baby stuff
  • Over all it is a very sturdy and functional product

Something to keep in mind:

  • The Soothing Center requires 3 AA batteries which have to be ordered separately
  • Base needs at least 3 inch vertical clearance under bed to slide in
  • The side that pulls down has been reported to be a little hard initially in some cases. If you find the same, you should try bringing it up and down several times to loosen its grip and make it softer to man-oeuvre
  • In some cases, the vibration mode started showing problems in a few months’ time. This might happen due to used-up batteries but if that’s not the case then the company needs to be contacted for replacements.
  • Includes a polyurethane mattress pad which is waterproof and contains no toxic flame retardants.
  • It also includes a 100% polyester coordinating crib sheet which covers the provided mattress pad and is made from polyester that wipes clean with a damp cloth. This sheet is machine washable.


This product is recommended for babies up to five months of age or 20 lbs (9.1 kg) in weight. Maximum weight limit is 30 lbs (13.6 kg). When infant shows signs of pulling up, rolling over or pushing up to kneeling position, use should be discontinued.

While it is slightly on the heavy side, the functionality of this swivel bassinet makes it an ideal crib attached to bed for small spaces and for mom and baby’s comfort and safety.

In summary, the bassinet has a storage capacity with two storage pockets to store essential baby stuff. While it might be slightly heavy for assembly, once put together, it makes life so much easier. Overall, a very sturdy and functional, and an excellent bassinet that hooks to bed; for nursing mothers and those recovering from C-Sections.


Best Convertible Co-sleeper Cot for Toddlers and Older Babies

No products found.

The BabyBay Convertible Bedside Cot is ideal for parents who want a classic style bed for their baby in a co-sleeping format. It fits well for nearly every average bed with the option to adjust it with different attachments. Because of its simple core beech finish, it is an attractive option for parents who like to keep a minimalist décor.

The BabyBay co-sleeping cot is made from non-toxic materials, making it a good option for parents who are looking for safe products for their baby. Its solid color makes it possible for parents to combine colors and patterns, no matter the gender of the baby. It may be a little challenging to assemble, but most co-sleeping cots are. With a little patience and some knack, you can have one of the cutest and sturdiest co-sleeping cots available for your older baby and has a much longer life-cycle than most others.

No products found.

Best Baby Co-sleeping Bassinet for Bed Sharing:

No products found.

The unique design of this bed side bassinet is both functional and comfortable for infant and parent. The elevation in the incline helps baby to breathe easier while sleeping and its unique design helps keep baby asleep without mom or dad having to leave the bed.

What I love about it:

  • It has a high-quality sturdy base for being a lightweight portable bassinet which also helps parents to be relaxed about baby’s sleep time.
  • The mesh walls allow for visibility at all times for parents who want to be able to check on baby from the comfort of their bed.
  • It works quietly and smoothly which is a big plus for a good night’s sleep.
  • Unlike a traditional Moses basket, this co-sleeper crib attached to bed can rest comfortably on parent’s mattress when mom or dad want baby close and the height is adjustable.
  • Since it can detach from the base, parents can share the bed with baby in the comfort of their own space. This is safer and better for baby.
  • Portable and easy to fold up for travel.

While it is a large bassinet, this same factor helps to make it a sturdy and reliable place for baby to sleep comfortably while staying close to mom and dad. It’s a great option for parents who want the possibility of having baby share the bed with them in a safe space.

No products found.

Best Co-sleeping Bed for Travel:

No products found.

When you travel with kids, knowing that you will always have a safe sleeping space for baby is worth any price. The LulyBoo bed is an ideal option at an affordable price. Its portability is made possible with the ability to turn it into a backpack when not in use while still allowing a personal sleeping space for baby on parent’s bed. It’s large enough to provide baby with personal space while bed sharing with parents yet small enough so that it doesn’t take up too much space on the bed.

It works great for parents who are looking for bed sharing options that are reliable and safe and comes with a comfortable cushion for baby. This crib attached to bed is slightly on the bigger side for small newborns and small for older babies, but works well for most infants, making it the ideal choice as a portable co-sleeping bed for travel.

No products found.

Best Portable Crib Co-sleeper:

7. Chicco Next2Me

Chicco Next2Me Product Image

If you’re looking for a portable co-sleeping crib attached to bed, but don’t like the idea of bed-sharing with the baby, this Chicco Sleeper is the perfect alternative. It provides a sturdy base for a safe night of sleep while still allowing for portability. The open side provides parents to co-sleep with the baby while allowing them to have their own space.

The mesh walls are perfect for being able to observe the baby at any moment from any angle, and the adjustable height helps to make it ideal for any bed. It is easy to put together, and once set up; it’s a convenient co-sleeping crib for moms who want baby near to them at night. It doesn’t come with storage space, but being such a sturdy and portable co-sleeping crib attached to bed, most parents won’t mind at all.


Best Non-toxic Co-sleeper Crib

8. Arm's Reach Concepts Cambria Bassinet

Arm's Reach Concepts Cambria Bassinet Product Image

This co-sleeper cot, like all other co-sleepers from Arm’s Reach, is made from chemical-free materials. This makes it an entirely safe option for your baby. As a parent, I only want organic and non-toxic products for my children, and this is an ideal choice for a co-sleeping crib attached to bed.

It has wheels that make it easy to move from room to room and mesh sides for visibility and breathability. This Arm’s Reach co-sleeper also offers adjustable height so parents can fit it next to their bed, no matter the size.

The storage space on the bottom of the co-sleeper cot is a great feature. It makes it easy for mom to reach for anything she may need during the night. While it may not be large enough for older babies, it’s an excellent option for newborns. The combination of the dark wooden frame with the light-colored cushion makes it an attractive bassinet while also providing a great use for parents who want to co-sleep with their little one.


Best Small Co-sleeping Crib:

No products found.

This small yet reliable co-sleeping crib is perfect for parents who may already have a crib but who want to have baby sleep in bed with them during the first few months. It allows parents to check on baby during the night. It also makes for a great travel bassinet and folds up to make it easy to carry on trips. It’s also much more space efficient than larger bassinets and co-sleeping cribs.

Its sides are high enough to keep baby safe from rolling out but low enough for mom to be able to easily breastfeed when needed. While it isn’t ideal for babies over 4 months due to the size, it works well for moms and dads who are looking for a co-sleeping crib for their baby’s first months. While it isn’t the most protective co-sleeping crib, it’s a good idea for parents who are bed-sharing with baby and want some type of added protection against suffocation.

What I love about it:

  • Supervised lounging and playtime
  • Enables baby movement and supports tummy time
  • Convenient place for quick diaper changes
  • Bonding time with parents and family
  • Familiar spot for babies while traveling

No products found.

Best Convertible Co-sleeping Crib:

10. BabyBay Original Convertible Bedside Cot

BabyBay Original Convertible Bedside Cot Product Image

The BabyBay Convertible Bedside Cot is ideal for parents who want a modular co-sleeping crib that can grow and adapt to your child’s needs. It fits well for nearly every average bed with the option to adjust it with different attachments and can be used as a bench seat for your child up to the age of 10. Investing in BabyBay Convertible gives you years of use instead of just the first few months that other co-sleeping cots offer.

The side rail attachment allows it to be used as a safe standalone cot. It fits easily and quickly with spring-loaded clips which make the independent unit secure and sturdy. The child safe clips make attaching or removing the side rail a breeze.

Once your child can sit up, it should no longer be used as a bedside cot. However, it remains useful as a daybed, bench seat or a desk. The optional highchair conversion kit gives you further years of use, making it exceptional value for money.

The Babybay Convertible Bedside Cot is designed and manufactured in Europe from a sustainable wood source of natural beech.


Other Co-sleeping Products and Accessories

As a parent, you’re always searching for the best products for your children and doing your best to keep them safe. Part of keeping your baby safe in a co-sleeping crib attached to bed is ensuring that sheets fit perfectly, pillows are made from quality materials, and mattresses are firm enough for a safe night of sleep. To help you find the most reliable and best quality products to ensure your baby stays healthy and happy, I have thoroughly researched and compiled some of the top crib accessories available.

Co-sleeper Crib Bedding Sheets

Arm's Reach Mini Co-sleeper 100% Cotton Natural Sheet Product Image

Any parent would want softness in their baby’s sheets as well as durability. These sheets for crib attached to bed by Arm’s Reach combine these two factors with their polyester and cotton blend. They fit co-sleeper bassinets just right, and the Velcro on the bottom of the sheet helps to keep it in place which is very important for a newborn’s bed sheets.


Organic Bassinet Sheet Product Image

This 2-pack of 100% cotton is so soft; they are perfect for newborns. Because they are organic, you can be assured that your baby will be resting on safe material and they fit any bassinet or play yard. The neutral tones make them perfect for either gender and lightweight fabric allows for breathability and keeps the baby from getting too warm.


Premium Cotton Bassinet Fitted Sheet Product Image

For parents who are interested in the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, you may have wondered about what type of sheets to buy. This TILLYOU Premium Cotton Bassinet Sheets Gray is specially made to fit the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper and they fit very well, although they may take some time to put on. It is made from cotton and provides long-lasting use to your co-sleeper crib attached to bed.


Organic Latex mattress Product Image

If you’re like me, you’re concerned about keeping baby safe from toxins and non-organic material, then this is an ideal mattress as it is made from organic latex and is free from a variety of chemicals that are often used in mattresses. It is also hypo-allergenic and anti-fungal. It fits most average sized co-sleeping beds (18” x 31”) and has comfortable padding (3” thick) that is firm enough for baby to sleep soundly.

Overall, it is a good option as it promises safe and chemical free use and is one of the best mattresses available that will provide parents with peace of mind.


Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Replacement Mattress Product Image

Because the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper has a unique shape, it can be challenging to find a mattress that fits it well. The good news is that Halo created a replacement mattress for it. It fits any Halo bassinet and provides sufficient firmness for safe sleeping. It is made from organic materials, contains no PVC, and does not contain flame retardants either. For any parent looking for a safe and comfortable mattress for baby that they can trust is non-toxic, this Halo mattress is an excellent idea.


No products found.

Choosing a baby pillow is about finding one with the right features and this Baby Pillow helps to provide parents with peace of mind because it offers a slight elevation for babies with reflux, has a concave center which is essential for keeping baby from getting a flat head, and is made from completely organic cotton.

It has a mesh construction which means that it keeps cool which is important for keeping baby comfortable and breathing well.

No products found.

No products found.

This organic cotton pillow is a safe option for baby. It helps babies with plagiocephaly to sleep centered instead of on one side. It is also free from pesticides, chemicals, and dyes. this makes it a safe pillow for baby to use without parents having to be concerned about baby breathing in toxins. The concave center is highly beneficial for children who may be getting a flat head.

No products found.

No products found.

This Snuggle Me is a combination of bed, pillow, and mattress. Moreover, this crib co-sleeper can be used as a portable bed or for baby to co-sleep with you in your bed. The shape and build of this Snuggle Me product allows for comfortable and safe sleeping and makes it easy to move from room to room or even use it for travel.

The firmness is just right and the fact that it’s organic means that baby will sleep free of toxins.

No products found.

Difference between Cribs, Cots, Bassinets and Beds

The Lullaby Trust (formerly known as the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths – FSID) says the safest place for your baby to sleep is on his back, on his own sleep surface, in the same room as you, for at least the first six months.

A cot or crib attached to bed (also known as a co-sleeping crib) is a crib that can be placed right next to a parent’s bed. This allows a baby to stay by your bedside but on a separate cot.

A co-sleeping bed can be divided into the following categories:

  • a bassinet
  • a crib
  • a cot or a bed

These are essentially very similar, with minor differences in size or shape, and are made for bedside attachment.

Since baby co-sleeper attaches to bed, the size is usually smaller in comparison to regular cribs. Many of these smaller crib co-sleepers are actually co-sleeping bassinets as they’re smaller in size, lighter in weight and cheaper in price in comparison to regular cribs.

There are a number of ways in which a co-sleeping crib can be placed. While selecting the right co-sleeper for you and your baby, you must decide among the following; do you want a co-sleeping crib that is positioned in bed with you (also known as bed sharing)? Or a crib that attaches to the bed or is a bedside co-sleeping crib?

When do you need a co-sleeping crib attached to bed?

The best time to use a crib attached to the bed or a co-sleeping bassinet is during the first six to eight months after birth. This is the time when a baby is most vulnerable and needs constant attention and immediate feeding when hungry. It can, however, be used after eight months also as long as it supports the baby’s weight safely.

Co-sleeping Bassinets

These are often a single basket and do not open up on one side. They are relatively more economical than other types, but their easy maneuverability and portability makes them especially appealing. They tend to cater to newborns or infants. However, they tend to outgrow their usefulness by the time your baby is 3 months old.

Co-sleeping Cribs

Co-sleeping cribs, on the other hand, are slightly larger than bassinets (6 months to 1 year). Additionally, they sometimes come with a slide or flip down option for one of the sides. This enables the parent to sleep next to the child. This also makes night time feeds a whole lot easier when the crib is attached to bed.

Co-sleeping Cots

These are often bigger than crib co-sleepers but without the frills and fancies of a proper baby bed. They serve their purpose, attach to a regular bed, and last until your baby is a toddler. This is an economical option if you’re planning for a co-sleeping cot that will have a longer life cycle and can grow with your child.

Co-sleeping Beds

Another great option for a long-lasting co-sleeping cot with lots of usefulness is a co-sleeping bed. It initially attaches to parents’ bed and often can be extended in length as the child grows. It can even become an independent crib and eventually can be converted into a toddler bed for your growing child. Often right up to the age of 5 years.

If multi-functionality and comfort are what you’re after then this is what you’re looking for, but do remember that an investment in these co-sleeping beds can often be far dearer than the other options, regarding cost, especially when you go for safe and non-toxic options.

Most co-sleeping cribs and bassinets can also be transported easily from one place to another because they are usually light-weight. Many of them are also smaller in size just like cribs for small spaces or apartment size cribs, which make them an excellent choice for small spaced rooms and houses or apartments.

Co-sleeping crib attached to bed are thus ideal for newborns and infants, but can also sometimes be used with toddlers and older babies. They are perfect for C-sections and convenient while breastfeeding.

Things to Consider before buying a Co-sleeping Bed

Co-sleeping cribs attached to bed are a Godsend in my opinion, especially during those initial nights with a newborn. There are, however, a number of things to consider before making that leap of faith. Choosing the one that’s right for you and your baby is key. The main factors to consider are:

  • your child’s age
  • how much money you’re willing to spend
  • the co-sleeping crib’s duration of use
  • its placement
  • importance of avoiding toxins and chemicals

 Co-sleeping Safety Tips

Co-sleeping beds protect the baby against dangers like suffocation. There have been cases where due to alcohol, drug consumption or deep sleep, parents unknowingly rolled over their baby. Sometimes this happens when the baby’s nose or mouth is accidentally covered during sleep.

When a baby sleeps next to her parents rather than with them, it reduces the chances of an accident. Parents are able to keep a constant and careful watch over the baby. For all these reasons, I genuinely find cribs attached to bed a great invention for both parents and children.

Co-sleeping Positions

Use a co-sleeping crib that is set up next to the bed. This way, you’re close enough to baby to breastfeed or comfort. But the separate space or a baby sleep sack or swaddle helps keeps baby safe and free from getting entangled in blankets. There is also no way for mom to roll into the child’s space. If bed-sharing, have the baby on one side of the bed with the opposite side being against the wall. This helps the child no to roll out of bed or onto the other side easily.

Co-sleeping and SIDS

The presence of many blankets or bedspreads in the parent’s bed might lead to  SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This happens due to baby’s suffocation or bed overheating.

Best Cribs Attached To Bed

Co-sleeping With Newborn

The time to be most cautious in co-sleeping is when your child is a newborn. Newborns are much more delicate than older children. Preferably, do not sleep in bed with them without a co-sleeping bed. Because they are still so small, we might roll on them without noticing. It is much easier for them to suffocate than older babies.

Parents who want to co-sleep with the baby should use a co-sleeping crib that attaches to bed to avoid accidents. If you do decide to co-sleep with baby in their bed, use a small portable co-sleeping crib. This keeps the child from rolling into their blankets.

Co-sleeping With Infant

When a baby is older, you can co-sleep with them more easily. This is because they sleep better and breathe better than newborns. With a crib attached to bed, it is also easier to share a space without worrying much about accidental suffocation. However, parents who are on medications or who sleep very heavily should avoid bed sharing. This is for the safety of their baby. Parents often claim they will recognize that their baby is sleeping next to them. However, it’s not worth the risk.

Co-sleeping With Older Children

Some parents co-sleep with their children until they are three years old (or sometimes longer). While this may not be the preference for every parent, many parents who do it appreciate the bond. They feel it has a positive effect on their children. They believe that children who co-sleep are more confident, feel safer, and sleep better.

Older children may benefit from the closeness with their parents. They can now recognize that bond with them which will help them become well-rounded and confident. This is, however, absolutely up for debate.

When to Stop Co-sleeping?

This is entirely a personal decision. Many parents stop co-sleeping around the 6th or 7th-month mark when they trust that baby sleeps and breathes well. Other parents don’t want to stop until their child is around 2 or 3, and sometimes longer.

It is common for children to stop bed-sharing around 2 or 3 years old. This provides them with independence and gives parents some privacy. Some parents sleep with their children till around seven years old. But again, this is a personal choice. Children benefit from the bond and closeness as infants and toddlers. Yet, learning to sleep alone may be important for their well-being as well.

FAQs About Crib Attached to Bed

  • What is co-sleeping?

    Co-sleeping is when parents share their bed with the baby. There are many reasons why parents opt to co-sleep. Moms like me like to have the baby near them for providing some warmth and reassurance, and for quick breastfeeding. This way, the baby doesn’t have to cry to be fed during the night. Many babies have a difficult time sleeping if they aren’t near mom. Parents want to be able to comfort the baby at a moment’s notice when needed. Some parents feel that a crib attached to bed helps to build a stronger bond between child and parents.

  • Is co-sleeping safe?

    Co-sleeping can be safe or it can be dangerous depending on how you do it. I do not recommend a bed full of sheets and blankets and baby “freestyling” in the middle. If you’re co-sleeping without a co-sleeping crib attached to bed, make sure you have a large bed. This provides everyone with plenty of room to sleep comfortably and to avoid accidents. Co-sleeping while bed sharing is much safer when the baby is in a co-sleeping crib attached to bed. This provides a barrier between them and rolling into mom or bed sheets, which can be very dangerous.

  • What are the benefits of co-sleeping?

    A co-sleeping crib attached to bed often has a side that rolls down. This way, you can easily reach your baby for breastfeeding or for cradling. If he gets uneasy during the night, you don’t have to get out of the bed. This roll-down-side feature is absolutely safe as the crib body gets attached to your bed. This ensures that your baby cannot roll out and fall off during sleep.
    Personally, I like to have my newborn near me during the night. I have this primitive impulse of keeping my baby right next to me through the night. In my opinion, sleeping together during the initial months after childbirth forms a very intimate bond between child and parent.

  • What are the dangers of co-sleeping?

    Co-sleeping has to be a conscious decision made by both parents. It can be dangerous for the baby if parents aren’t prepared. Parents who co-sleep with the baby without the use of a co-sleeping bed are taking a significant risk. A parent who sleeps heavily might possibly roll on top of the baby without noticing. This might cause suffocation.
    Similarly, a bed with an abundance of sheets and blankets can be hazardous for the baby. They might get rolled up in them and be unable to breathe. Even an in bed co-sleeping crib can be a danger for the baby if parents move and roll around a lot.

The Bottom Line

A co-sleeping crib attached to bed is an excellent idea. As parents, we sometimes want to know that our baby is right next to us and sleeping well. Co-sleeping is also a good idea for moms who have had C-sections. They can have baby close for breastfeeding and comfort.

Co-sleeping is a personal choice and a delicate matter which can be dangerous for the baby if done wrong. So parents should take great care in choosing co-sleeping cribs and sleeping arrangements.

best co-sleeper crib attached to bed

As a parent, you must take several factors into consideration. Age and weight of your child, materials used, size of the co-sleeping crib, durability, and breathability. That’s why I highly recommend the above cribs attached to bed.

A co-sleeping crib attached to bed is an excellent idea. As parents, we sometimes want to know that our baby is right next to us and sleeping well. Co-sleeping is also a good idea for moms who have had C-sections. They can have baby close for breastfeeding and comfort.

Co-sleeping is a personal choice and a delicate matter which can be dangerous for the baby if done wrong. So parents should take great care in choosing co-sleeping cribs and sleeping arrangements.

As a parent, you must take several factors into consideration. Age and weight of your child, materials used, size of the co-sleeping crib, durability, and breathability. That’s why I highly recommend the above cribs attached to bed.

They each offer safe and healthy options to help you make that choice. Happy Co-sleeping!

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  1. Really great article with lots of information on safe sleep!! Really appreciate all that!

    So happy to see our babybay on the list! You mention it might be difficult to assemble, but we’re really proud of how easy it comes together! It’s just 5 wooden pieces and a few bolts! Takes less than 15 minutes and doesn’t need any power tools! We’d love to share more info or provide a coupon code for your readers if you’re interested!

    • Hi Amber, thanks for reaching out. I’m sure our readers would absolutely love a coupon code for Babybay. I’ll take another look at the ease of assembly, and update the article if this is the case.

  2. OMG so much research and so much information in just one post, thank you! I’m having my second baby soon and now – older and wiser – I know co-sleeping side-bed is what I’ve been missing. We’ve been bed-sharing but it didn’t end up well and in the end we needed sleep training instruction to move Allan to his own bed at 6 months. Although I believe if not bed sharing he wouldn’t need it at all. We’ll see how it goes this time. Thank you for all the recommendations!

    • Thank you Jane, glad you find it useful. All the best for your second baby, enjoy every moment you have. Such a cliché, but hey grow up so quickly.

  3. While overall a good article, the beginning of it is highly insensitive and unintelligent. You can not prevent any chance of SIDS. EVER. Period. That statement is asinine. As a mother whose baby passed away in her arms due to SIDS, I know that first hand. I would highly recommend you amend that sentence. Then everyone can enjoy this article in an open and honest way without being offended by its initial absurdity.

    • Dear Sincere mother,
      I’m very sorry for your loss, and would like to apologize for stating that it would “prevent any chance of SIDS”, as this is technically inaccurate and definitely insensitive given some circumstances, as you have pointed out. I have amended the article, and hope that everyone can enjoy the substance of the article now, without any hesitations or offense, which was unintended in the first place.

  4. Hello, thank you for this helpful and thorough post! It’s really useful to be able to look at all the options in one place and see all the features. I’m wondering about the Baby Bay model because in one section you said it’s great for older mobile babies and in another you say it shouldn’t be used once baby can sit up on his own. Are there two different Baby Bay products or is there some confusion from the manufacturer about use? Thanks again for your great detective work with so many products!

    • Hi Claire,
      Thank you for your compliments. The babyBay bedside cot can be used until the baby is about 11kg in weight. I believe the definition of mobile babies in that article refers to babies who move and roll around, rather than babies that can sit up on their own. The cot is sturdy enough for bigger babies, until they are able to sit up. Possibly the wording could have been better, as I get the cause of your confusion.

      Once the baby is able to sit on his/her own, the height of the crib is not sufficient to keep the baby safe inside.

      Hope this clarifies your question, and apologies for the delayed response.


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