Best Non-Toxic Play Mats: Top Baby Floor Play Mats Reviewed

One of the best strategies to keep the kids secure indoors is to offer a safe playing area. Here is where the best non-toxic baby play mats come in handy. Ask any parent or guardian out there what their top priority is, and in most cases, they will say that it’s to ensure that their children are safe. And the best non-toxic play mats facilitate just that.

Safety is a huge concern, whether you’re thinking about world dangers or the hazards present in your house. While it’s impossible to secure your child against all the external threats from the world, you’ve total control over what happens inside your home.

You may be surprised to know that a harmless looking baby floor play mat contain toxins that may be harmful to your baby’s health. By choosing the safest and best baby play mat for babies, you eliminate any risk of chemical leaching.Tweet

Read on for a review of the best chemical-free, BPA free, Eco-friendly, and organic baby play mats in the market.

Toxic Chemicals in Baby Play Mats

As important as it is to have the best baby play mat for your baby’s safety during tummy time or play time, it is ironic that the mat itself is often chalk full of chemicals that can harm your baby’s health. Just because the mat look cute or the material looks sturdy does not mean that it is. In fact, a toxic mat can leach chemicals that have been proven to be harmful to young babies. So choose a play mat that is preferably certified safe and chemical-free. Sometimes it’s hard to be sure, so look out for these common toxins found in many baby play mats:

  • TPU
  • BPA
  • Formaldehyde
  • Flame Retardants
  • Formamide
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Plant-Based Foam
  • PVC (vinyl)
  • Glues
  • Phthalates
  • Lead and other metals
  • EVA Foam
  • VOCs

What is a Non-toxic Play Mat?

Some companies use BPA, TPE, PVC, EVA, flame retardants, formamide, lead, phthalates, among other harmful toxic elements when producing baby play mats without thinking about the well-being and health of young ones.

But if you genuinely care about the health standards of your children, organic and non-toxic baby play mats have become inevitable. This is because they incorporate organic materials and are also BPA free.

Types of Non-toxic Baby Play Mats

Play mats usually contain a durable yet soft material that’s perfect for toddlers. They also contain vibrant and bright colors that attract kids and arouse their visual senses.

Most mats also come with different textures and make specialized sounds to appeal to your kid’s attention and also assist in the growth of their tactile senses. Play mats can be classified based on activity types, as well as material or usage types.

Skip Hop Play Mat Product Image

Below play mats are classified based on the activity and entertainment they provide:

1. Puzzle Mats:

Puzzle mats are among the standard types of baby play mats. It is ideal for babies who are exploring their environment or the toddlers who are about to start walking. You can place the puzzle mat on any flat surface.

2. Tummy Time Mats:

The tummy time mats enable your kids to lay on their tummy while awake. The good thing is that the tummy mat incorporates a bolster pillow that assists in the growth of your child. Besides, it sometimes contains a large peek n’ see mirror as well as a plush play pal that inspires the kid in reaching, lifting, and grabbing themselves.

3. Activity Gyms Mats:

These are the types of mats that encourage a stimulating and engaging environment for the growth of the young one. Unlike the other types of play mats, especially the tummy mat, the activity gym mats not only incorporate advanced features but are also unique in design.

4. Tepees:

Tepees with mats are currently becoming popular among parents across the globe. This is the case because these mats can be used as play mats or gym mats. Besides, they sometimes come with large-mirrored mobile and hanging toys to keep your child engaged.

Apart from the above types, baby play mats can also be classified based on the material or usage type, as follows:

1. Foldable Mats:

This mat is regularly mistaken for a gym mat, but it’s different due to its method of storage. While the gym mat incorporates plastic, a folding mat includes a material that makes it easily portable and folding.

2. Rolling Play Mats:

This is typically an easy-to-roll mat to enable you to move it in any corner of the house.

3. Play Rugs:

A play rug mat has a soft foam that offers a large play area for your young one. It contains non-toxic and organic materials.

Best Baby Play Mats: Non-toxic play mats- title infographic

Best Non-toxic Play Mats 2022

Best Foldable Non-toxic Baby Play Mats

ALZIP MAT Eco Color Folder Urban Product Image

This natural and chemical-free mat from Korea guarantees durability and resilience. The leather outer cover integrates PU leather to avert baby chews and scratches. You will love this mat from the word go since its water-resistant, multi-functional, and provides secured and modifiable space for your kid to crawl, stand, play, and grow.

The thickness, flexibility and quality of the mat will amaze you. ALZIP mat is undoubtedly the most durable mat that genuinely provides the most abundant space and protection for daily activities. It is currently unavailable on amazon, however you can purchase it from here on Wunderkids until they restock.

What I love about it:

  • Easy to clean
  • It is waterproof
  • Guarantees baby well-being since its non-toxic
  • Top-quality
  • Available in many colors and sizes

Something to keep in mind:

  • Expensive


Kakiblin Foldable Play Mat Product Image

This one-piece play mat comes with a fun and vibrant design that fascinates the kids. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. With a length of 70 inches, a width of 77 inches, and a half-inch thickness, this mat contains the perfect size. You can also quickly move with it from place to place since its easily foldable.

This is one of the best baby play mats because it’s completely chemical-free. It does not contain any elements of lead, BPA, formaldehyde, or even phthalate. Additionally, it boasts shock and noise-absorbing features, certified for baby care across the world, and it’s also odorless.

What I love about it:

  • Portable and versatile
  • Ideal size and easy to clean
  • Great quality
  • Safe, stylish and comfy

Something to keep in mind:

  • Thin than what most users prefer


Beiens Baby Play Mat Product Image

This foldable play mat integrates high-density foam material. It is also pure, BPA free, odorless, and chemical-free, which ensures that it’s healthy and safe for your kid. Incorporating double-faced design with various patterns and colors, this play mat will surprise you and give your young one a sense of curiosity and freshness.

The two sides of the mat are anti-slip and waterproof. Thus, it is easy to wipe stains, spills, and water. If you’ve insufficient space in your house, this solves your worries since it is lightweight and easily foldable. With this, you can comfortably store under the sofa or bed, on a shelf, or even in a closet.

What I love about it:

  • Waterproof
  • Foldable
  • Easy to clean
  • Natural material and BPA free

Something to keep in mind:

  • The thickness isn’t sufficient enough


Ifoyo Baby Play MatProduct Image

This large baby play mat is perfect for tummy time. It is ideal for crawling, and you can carry it to whichever place you go since its lightweight. This waterproof and lightweight foam mat is perfect for babies who are three months and older.

Since it’s a two-sided mat, children can engage in playing in the features of a reversible design of a jungle setting and town scene.

What I love about it:

  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Fantastic material
  • Waterproof
  • Good customer service
  • Engaging patterns to keep your child busy

Something to keep in mind:

  • It isn’t extremely durable


Best Rolling Play mats and Play Rugs

Skip Hop Foam Baby Play Mat Product Image

Made to double the options for stylish and safe baby covering, this reversible play mat boasts a colorful baby-friendly pattern. This easy-care foam mat is not only totally PVC-free, but it also provides a sufficient cushioned area where your child can easily play in the playroom or living room. Just fold it for storage or relocation.

What I love about it:

  • It has a comfy, cushioned foam
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Rolls up for secure storage
  • Top-quality

Something to keep in mind:

  • Faulty design
  • It may curl at the edges


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Ofie Mat by Little Bot, Soft Baby Play mat Product Image

This is a perfectly made baby floor play mat for the next generation of home comfort. Easy to clean, pets friendly, and soft to touch, this is the appropriate floor mat for your kids. Boasting a sizable single-foam baby play mat that contains reversible sides, the Ofie mat certainly has a keen eye on your home’s décor.

What I love about it:

  • Pets friendly
  • Soft to the touch
  • Simple design

Something to keep in mind:

  • It stains easily
  • Difficult to remove the stains


Bieins rolling Play Mat for Babies Product Image

Completely astonishing and plush padded, this play mat from Bieins is ideal for secure tumbling, playing, rolling, crawling, toppling, and relaxing. Of course, it is large enough to join your kid on the play. It incorporates the best mixture of earth-friendly items with safety and health features. Also, it is PVC free and contains non-toxic, hypoallergenic elements.

What I love about it:

  • 100 % organic and pure cotton cover
  • Waterproof layer
  • It contains a thick plant-based foam
  • Rolls up for comfortable storage
  • Ideal for any surface

Something to keep in mind:

  • Not sufficiently thick and not soft
  • It is sometimes slightly smelly


Bubzi Co rolling Play Mat for Babies Product Image

This is an exquisitely handpainted Woodland themed play mat. It is reversible for rolling, crawling, pulling up, toddling, jumping, running and somersaults. Hand painted whimsical woodland creatures on side 1 and polka dots on the other to match decor.

Non-Toxic & Child Safety Certified Playmat with Hygienic, Moisture Proof, Snack Proof. Contains non-toxic TPU, which is far superior to PVC playmat for babies. Additionally, it has been tested, proven safe and certified under the strictest international standards.

Bubzi Co’s Condensed Foam baby mats contains advanced anti-slip TPU material technology. This is an ultra-grippy, anti-slip TPU material – the same material boot makers use to prevent sliding across wet, icy surfaces. Hence it is ideal for hardwood, marble, tile, granite, engineered wood floors, and wet, muddy feet.

Another thing I love about this company is that every time you purchase their foam mats for kids, you’re supporting Postpartum Support International, an organization dedicated to helping mother’s through a time of crisis they can’t otherwise control; making all the difference in how they, and their baby thrive.

What I love about it:

  • Hand painted
  • Waterproof layer
  • 2 Sided Reversible Foam Playmat
  • Rolls up for comfortable storage
  • Sticks to Slickest Floors

Something to keep in mind:

  • Could be even thicker



Young Folk Collective is an Australian company run by a young Aussi couple James and Skye, who ethically source their products from around the world. Their gorgeous children’s products include these adorable non-toxic play mats. The only downside is that they ship only within Australia at the moment. So if you’re based down under, then today is your lucky day.

Their play mats take you on a journey through the wondrous landscapes of Australia and the beautiful animals that inhabit it. The mats are super soft and durable, easy to clean, easy to store, waterproof and reversible. Overall just a lovely play mat.

One thing to keep in mind however, that they are made from non-toxic polyurethane. Non-toxic and polyurethane in the same sentence? I hear you ask. I’m doing a bit more digging into this myself, but apparently it’s a thing, and they are fully compliant with the highest International Standards (EN71)

What I love about it:

  • The bright and gorgeous colors and patterns.
  • All materials are free of PVC, phthalates and lead.
  • Super soft and durable
  • Easy to clean and easy to store
  • Waterproof
  • Compliant with EN71 International standards

Something to keep in mind:

  • Made of Polyurethane (though non-toxic and superior quality)
  • Australian company and ship only within Australia at the time of writing
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The Best Organic Play Rugs

aden + anais Baby Bonding Playmat Product Image

Play and explore, side-by-side with this gorgeous baby bonding playmat. Generously sized for parents and baby to interact during tummy time and play, this hand-embroidered cotton muslin mat piques baby’s curiosity with fun sights and textures to explore.

Each baby bonding playmat is made of high quality 100% muslin combed cotton with 100% hypoallergenic poly fill. All appliques are sewn manually by skilled artisans through hand-guided embroidery machines and hand-finished to create the perfect shape to each embroidered motif.

From rattles and tactile elements, to removable plush toys and sun mirror, the baby bonding playmat has 30+ developmental benefits to support baby’s fine motor, sensory, cognitive, and gross motor development.

What I love about it:

  • Non-toxic, high quality 100% muslin combed cotton with 100% hypoallergenic poly fill
  • Reversible
  • Contains rattles and developmental accessories
  • Easy to clean and waterproof
  • Great Gift idea

Something to keep in mind:

  • It is not strain resistant
  • Accessories might pose minor risk


Criteria for Choosing Non-Toxic Play Mats

When it comes to selecting a natural, Eco-friendly and organic baby floor play mats, there are some factors that you need to consider. Choosing a certified, non-toxic, and Eco-friendly organic baby play mat is an incredible way to assist lower chemical and dirt exposure to your young one. There is countless cheap organic play rug in the market. But it would be advisable to opt for the best non-toxic baby play mats.

Criteria for Choosing Truly Non-Toxic Play Mats

In order for a baby floor play mat to make the cut on this list, we have the following criteria by which each mat is evaluated:

  • The mat needs to be undeniably non-toxic.
  • It should provide enough protection against falls and bumps on hardwood floors.
  • Should be large enough for a child to play on honestly.
  • Needs to be free from phthalates, BPA, lead, as well as other hazardous chemicals.
  • It should be free from any odor. Otherwise, it needs to dissipate odor easily and quickly.

Criteria for Acceptably Non-Toxic Baby Play Mats

While we try our best to filter in only truly non-toxic options, in some cases, we understand that each parent’s criteria for what is “safe” for their child varies slightly. For this reason, we have included one or two parents’ favorites, that in our view is not truly non-toxic by the above standards, but are relatively safe from the plethora of false advertising in products out there. We have explicitly stated these in their reviews. For this list, we have the following criteria for them to qualify:

  • It needs to be certified by the relevant authorities
  • It should not possess PVC or EVA foam
  • Must be of a decent size for your baby to play comfortably
Alzip Play Mat Product Image


  • Do Babies Need Play Mats?

    Yes, absolutely! Your little bundle of joy needs a play mat, which stimulates him or her physically and mentally. A play mat is a superb educational toy, which offers sensory experiences and keeps your baby safe and comfortable.

  • What Age Do Babies Play on Play Mats?

    Babies of any age can use play mats. Most play mats are designed and produced with tiny babies such as infants in mind. A great deal of research is invested by top brands when it comes to designing play mats to ensure superior and non-toxic materials are used for an eco-friendly and safe product.

  • How to Set up a Baby Play Mat?

    Lay the play mat on a steady and flat floor. Top quality play mats are made for use over and over again. They don’t wear out after one baby used it.

  • How Do You Disinfect a Baby Play Mat?

    Most baby play mats come in contact with your baby’s sensitive skin, so the best way to disinfect the play mat is using all-natural cleaners. You’ll prevent any allergic reactions. Read the ingredients label to check the cleaning solution doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals. You can use hydrogen peroxide or borax as alternatives.

    Other cleaning solutions could include backing soda, mild detergents, or vinegar and water. Wash the play mat in the bathtub or in your yard using a garden hose.

  • How to Clean a Baby Play Mat?

    You can easily clean a baby play mat using a sponge soaked in water and soap. Or use a damp cloth if the play mat isn’t very dirty. You can fit the play mat under the shower and thoroughly rinse any spilled juices.

  • Are Foam Play Mats Safe?

    Foam mats are comfortable for babies. Usually, they’re made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), EVA, or polyurethane. PVC and polyurethane are less popular today and an alternative is EVA, which is considered less toxic. But the best alternatives are cotton or natural rubber play mats.

  • How to Wash Baby Play Mats?

    You can wash baby play mats in the shower, in the bath tub or in the yard with a garden hose. Some fabric or plastic play mats are safe to wash in the washing machine. You can also find play mats which you can scrub with water and soap or vacuum.

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The Bottom Line

Non-toxic baby play mats are resourceful items required for the development of kids, sensory, stimulation of the visuals, as well as the growth of the kids’ cognitive ability.

It is essential to take note of the vital features when choosing some of the best non-toxic play mats. The experts advise parents to always opt for the non-toxic and organic baby floor play mats that are chemical-free.

Also, when choosing the best baby play mat, make sure that it’s safe to use, and is right for your baby’s age and size. Hopefully, the above-detailed review enables you to identify the best non-toxic play mats that suit your demands. You may also want to look at the best rockers and bouncers for infants.

5 thoughts on “Best Non-Toxic Play Mats: Top Baby Floor Play Mats Reviewed”

  1. Hi,

    This is a fantastic resource, many thanks for putting it together.

    I am a little confused regarding the ‘Babycare’ play mat. Basically we have identified a design we like which works in our home and on the flip side also works as an early learning tool.
    The issue I have is that it’s advertised as ‘non-toxic’, ‘Baby Safe’ and is made from ‘eco friendly PVC’. I thought this was a little odd so I asked the retailer to send me more information that could substantiate the claims being made and I have literally received 10 x SGS Test reports. My friend’s husband actually works in manufacturing and I asked him to confirm whether they were genuine etc and he did.
    So by all accounts, this Babycare ‘eco-pvc’ mat would appear to be able to stand up to it’s claims of:

    Latex Free
    BPA free
    Phthalate free
    Formaldehyde free
    Mercury & Lead Free
    EVA Free
    SVHC Pass
    Formamide Pass (Passed enhanced international environment regulations)
    EN-71 Pass (EU Toy Directive)
    CPSIA Pass

    I looked into Babycare and while they don’t really stipulate too much as to how they are manufactured, they lean on a ‘Patented Process’. Also, the Babycare product PDF care manual says:

    Are they eco-friendly?
    Our mats are 100% recyclable and made with eco-friendly materials that produce less harmful materials than a piece of wood when destroyed by fire.

    So I wanted to ask you about this eco-friendly PVC, what your thoughts are etc…I mean all my understandings of PVC are negative and in general that it’s bad but that now this appears to be completely contrary to what i have found from this manufacturer. With respect to them, they have clearly carried out a lot of testing and can substaintiate and prove their claims which was very unexpected I have to be honest. Are you able to shed some light on the subject of eco-friendly PVC? They say it’s ‘food grade’ or ‘medical grade’??

    Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks for the article! I didn’t get the distinction you drew between “mats” and “rugs”, based on your description. Could you please clarify? Is it that the rugs are more flexible and can be jumbled together in any way, like a normal “rug”, whereas a mat needs to be either folded or rolled because it’s stiffer? If so, the rugs would be much better, but I’m not sure that’s the distinction you were drawing. I’d be surprised if any of these 1/2″ thick playing areas could be thrown together like a rug. Or am I missing something? Thanks!

    • Hi,
      That’s a good question. Play rugs in this article are essentially slightly thinner and easier to move around than the other play mats. They can be easily rolled up and moved to another room if necessary. Hope this clarifies.

  3. Hello and thank you so much for putting this list together. It’s exactly what I need to help make a decision on the best play mat. Who knew we’d have to be so careful with selecting what should be such a simple purchase? Are there particular testing standards you look for when compiling These lists for safe products? I feel like a lot of products on Amazon tout the “safe and non toxic” lingo, but in fact have nothing to substantiate those claims and are actually false in their claims. How can we be certain? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Hi Colleen,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and found it useful.

      You’re absolutely right. What should ideally be a simple purchase for any parent becomes a little daunting when many manufacturers are not very transparent with the materials they use. Fortunately, there’s a growing demand for safe and non-toxic baby products lately, so quite a few genuine, safe and eco-conscious brands are emerging.

      In terms of testing standards, I would refer the Environmental Working Group (EWG) database as they have ratings for chemical free skincare and other products to choose from. Also take a look at Healthy Stuff ( as they do some really good research on chemicals in baby products.

      In general, look for JPMA, ASTM or CPSC certifications for cribs and other baby products. If choosing organic cotton, look for GOTS certified organic or OEKO-Tex certified fabrics. If in doubt don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer directly if you can, just to confirm, or alternatively you can also reach out to me here on the blog. Chances are, I’ve gone through that hurdle already.

      In most cases, the manufacturers will be shouting these certifications from the rooftops, so if you cannot find them in the product descriptions (on amazon for example), then chances are they do not have these certifications.

      Hope this helps.


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