Best Rocking Bassinet 2021: Top Picks Reviewed

Are you expecting or already have a little bundle of joy at home? All the gear and accessories out there may overwhelm you. Although you can skip some of the products available, the rocking bassinet isn’t one you’d want to breeze by. Rocking your little one may make you feel fuzzy and cuddly, but there are times when you’ll feel you could use a bit of help. It’s when the rocking bassinet becomes useful.

So, read on to find all you need to know about the best rocking bassinets, which ones are safe, and what to look for when you’re choosing a good rocking-bassinet. We’ve also reviewed the top products on the market in terms of best value, best overall, best for travel, best classical and best with vibration.

What are Rocking Bassinets?

A bassinet is a special bed made for infants, for use especially from birth up to the fourth months of age. The small size makes basinets excellent for temporary nurseries or tight spaces. The best rocking bassinets gently rock automatically to offer your baby a soothing and top-quality sleep. These bassinets keep your baby close for nighttime feedings and safety.

What to Look for While Choosing a Good Rocking-Bassinet

When you bring your newborn home you want to always keep him or her close. According to safe sleep experts and the American Association of Pediatrics, your infant should sleep in the same room with you but not in the same bed. Buying a top-quality and high-performance bassinet, Moses basket or a crib attached to bed will allow you to always supervise your baby during the night.

And if you have twins, check out the best bassinets for twins.


Before the mandatory federal safety standards came into effect in 2014, older bassinets were subject only to voluntary safety standards. Check for certifications from JPMA and ASTM. The members of these groups underwent voluntary safety standards.

The federal standards today guarantee the bassinet is durable, strong, and stable. Also, the mattresses and soft parts of the bassinet decrease and even eliminate the risk of suffocation, SIDS, or entrapment. The bassinets produced and available in the US after 2014 must meet the mandatory safety standards. Check if the bassinet contains decorative posts when could catch on to your newborns cloths and check the spaces between the side slats.

If you can fit a juice can between the slats, they’re too far apart. Check the decorative components of the bassinet such as footboard or headboard cutouts. Can they entrap your little bundle of joy?

Age and Weight Restrictions

Most rocking bassinets have a 20 pounds weight limit. Some can hold even heavier babies. But it’s not only the weight, which your baby outgrows. Many newborns outgrow the bassinet before reaching the weight limit. Check the bassinet’s instructions in terms of weight and age. Age limits range between four and six months old.

Rock on

Rocking bassinets are made to sooth your baby during sleep. Check the bassinets stability and make sure the rocking motion is gentle, so your baby doesn’t get sick. Make sure the bassinet has a locking feature, which can turn it into a stationary bassinet for when your baby learns how to move around.

The Bassinet’s Portability

Bassinet’s are small and lightweight, which makes them easy to move around your home. You can always have your little one close to you. Make sure the bassinet includes wheels with locks, which prevent the bassinet from moving. Also, check for bassinets which fold or disassemble for easy storage and travel. Test the product’s latching system and look for folding legs.
Also, check how easy it is to fit the bassinet back together. An incorrectly fitted bassinet may harm your little bundle of joy.

The Mattress Support and Firmness

The bassinet’s mattress support must hold your baby without flexing or bending. The mattress should entirely be held up by the bassinet’s supports. Press on the edges of the mattress and in the center to check if any spot will easily dip. Avoid the hammock effect.

A firm mattress is essential for your baby’s safety during sleep. Avoid heavily padded mattresses, as your baby’s face could sink into it. The mattress should fit perfectly inside the bassinet without leaving gaps either side. Make sure the mattress doesn’t include any décor elements or frills in the baby’s sleeping area.

The Bedding

Check the bassinet’s bedding. You only need a simple sheet, which should perfectly cover the mattress. Find sheets, which are just right for the bassinet. You should buy an extra sheet in case of nighttime incidents. Also, check if the bassinet comes with a waterproof cover, which is useful.

Don’t Exceed the Manufacturer’s Limits

Producers include age and weight restrictions in the use guidelines of the bassinets. Make sure your baby is still fit for the bassinet. The manufacturer may say the bassinet is perfect for babies up to 4 months old and 20 pounds heavy, but your baby could be moving before he or she reaches these limits. You must stop using the bassinet.

Fashion Statements

Once you’ve handled the safety aspect, it’s the right time to consider the fashion side of things. Bassinets come in a variety of styles ranging from classical to modern and sleek. Depending on your preferences, you can go with infant oriented themes, dark or glossy wood, and other fabrics which match your home’s décor.

Best Rocking bassinets for babies

Best Rocking Bassinets 2021

Best Overall:

1. Babybjorn Cradle


The BABYBJORN cradle is possibly the best rocking bassinet for your little one. Your baby will enjoy a soothing and comforting sleep thanks to the smooth rocking movement. The baby bassinet rocker offers exceptional airflow and allows you to keep an eye on your baby from al angles. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to store.

The gentle movement of the Babybjorn cradle lulls your bundle of joy to sleep even in his or her fussiest moments. The product is JPMA certified and includes breathable and airy sides. The simple design doesn’t comprise bars or any lose parts, which may harm your baby. The product is overall the best rocking bassinet available today.

What I love about it:

  • The product includes soft and breathable sides;
  • You can see your baby from any angle;
  • The product is portable and easy to move;
  • It’s lightweight and easy to clean;
  • The bassinet sooths your baby to sleep with the gentle rocking movement;
  • The product is designed for babies starting at a weight of 8 lbs. until they reach 6 months old.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The mattress is flimsy.


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Green Frog Baby Bassinet Cradle Product Image

The Green Frog Baby Bassinet Cradle is a self rocking bassinet made to ensure that you little one is relaxed and enjoys top-quality sleep. The design including a transparent mesh side window ensures you have a clear view and access to your baby. The product is lightweight and portable, thanks to the wheels, which smoothly glide.

The bassinet cradle includes a top-quality mattress and a premium sheet. The mattress is completely washable and you can remove the fabric from the rocker bassinet frame.

What I love about it:

  • The product is easy to assemble;
  • This is one of the best rocking bassinets as it’s made of resistant and premium materials;
  • It’s lightweight and portable;
  • The rocker bassinet comes with a top-quality mattress.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The mattress isn’t waterproof.


Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet Product Image

The Ingenuity Foldaway baby bassinet rocker helps you enjoy peaceful periods during nighttime. The product’s smart design makes the rocking bassinet a dream for babies and parents. The frame folds for excellent storage and snaps back easily. You can easily move the bassinet around your home. The premium mesh sides ensure exceptional airflow to keep your baby comfortable.

As one of the best rocking bassinets, it includes perfectly fitted sheets, which offer a safe and snugly space for your baby. The product comprises a rocking feature and also locks into the stationary mode, while your baby is asleep.

What I love about it:

  • The moving bassinet includes a smart design;
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use;
  • The product is easy to store and assemble;
  • It’s foldable;
  • The bassinet includes 2 modes such as the rocking and the stationary modes.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The mattress includes a split down the middle.


Simmons Kids Elite Hands-Free Auto-Glide Bedside Bassinet Product Image

The Simmons Kids Elite Hands-Free Auto-Glide Bedside Bassinet is a high-performance portable crib, which includes a rocking motion to sooth your baby to sleep. The gliding movement is silent and hands-free. The automatic rocking bassinet rocks at the push of a button. You can set the rocking feature at 15 minute intervals.

The smart and self rocking bassinet also plays music to lull your baby to sleep. The product comes with a nightlight and 2 toys, which you can hang from the canopy. The automatic rocking bassinet is easy to clean and it’s portable. The basket installed underneath offers excellent storage space, making it a top choice for the best rocking bassinet.

What I love about it:

  • The product is an automatic rocking bassinet;
  • The portable crib is available to set at intervals of 15 minutes of rocking;
  • The self rocking bassinet is easy to clean;
  • It’s JPMA and ASTM certified;
  • The product meets the conditions provided by CPSC standards.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The product is a bit difficult to assemble.


Best with Vibration:

5. Graco Duo Glider, Percy

Product Image

The Graco Duo Glider, Percy is a baby swing bassinet and rocker, which offers the flexibility to keep your baby safe while playing and sleeping. You can lower the seat into the high-performance rocker without disturbing your baby using the one-hand recline lever. The Graco Rocking Bassinet sooths your baby to provide a comforting and safe feeling.

The baby swing bassinet with a vibrating feature. You can choose between 2 vibrating speed settings to ensure that your little one is as relaxed as possible. You can either plug in the bassinet or use it with batteries. This is one of the best rocking bassinets as it is portable and easy to store.

What I love about it:

  • The moving bassinet includes 2 vibrating speeds to comfort your little one;
  • You can switch between the swing and the bassinet features thanks to the lever;
  • The Graco Rocking Bassinet is an exceptionally cozy baby swing crib for your baby;
  • The seat of the bassinet swing comprises plush material and delivers a 3-position recline for excellent comfort;
  • The baby swing crib is durable and safe to use.

Something to keep in mind:

  • The bassinet swing has a large footprint.


My Experience with Rocking Baskets

The best rocking baskets are amazing for your baby and help you enjoy a relaxing night. My baby loved her rocking-bassinet. It was a God’s send. As a new mom, I had no clue how useful the rocking motion is to get my adorable bundle of joy to calm down and sleep. Although the bassinet had an age limit of 6 months, I only used the bassinet until she turned 3 and a half months old as she started to rollover completely by then.

Having used it personally, I recommend the Babybjorn Cradle as the best overall bassinet for all new mom’s out there.

FAQs About Rocking Bassinets:

  • Are Rocking-Bassinets Safe?

    Yes, the best rocking bassinets are safe as they must meet the mandatory federal safety standards in the US. All bassinets, which are either produced and sold or only marketed in the US must meet the obligatory standards of safety, which came into effect in 2014.

  • Can A Baby Sleep in a Rocking-Bassinet?

    Yes, a baby can safely sleep in a rocking-bassinet. Your little one will enjoy a soothing and top-quality sleep thanks to the gentle rocking motion of the bassinet.

  • What Age Should Baby Be Out of Bassinet?

    Depending on how quickly your baby develops, your baby should be out of the bassinet by the age of 4 to 6 months old. Keep a close eye on your little one to check if he or she is still comfortable in the bassinet. If he or she has learned how to move around, take your baby out of the bassinet.

  • Do I Need A Vibrating Bassinet?

    No, you don’t need a vibrating bassinet. A rocking-bassinet does the trick.

  • Are Vibrating Bassinets Safe for Newborns?

    Yes, vibrating bassinets are absolutely safe for newborns. They’re a great way to sooth your little one to sleep as they meet the CPSS and JPMA standards. Just don’t leave the vibrations mode on for an extended period as your baby will refuse to sleep without it.

  • How Do I Know If Baby Is Too Big for Bassinet?

    Obvious signs that you must transition from a bassinet to a crib or cradle include exceeding the age or weight limitations. Check if your baby is fussy in the bassinet, does he or she wake up often squished at the top or bottom of the bassinet? Can your baby fully rollover? If yes, you should move your baby out of the bassinet. These are clues that your baby is ready to transition.

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best rocking bassinets

The Bottom Line

Rocking bassinets are a God’s gift to new parents. These bassinets sooth your little bundle of joy to sleep and provide a comfortable and safe environment for the little one. The best rocking bassinet is made of excellent materials to ensure proper support and eliminate SIDS risk.

When choosing a bassinet, first consider how you want to use it. Will you only use it in the bedroom or also move it throughout the home? Next, consider the safety standards, the mattress quality, support and firmness, and the component materials. Finally, check the age and weight restrictions before you buy a bassinet. I’ve put together this guide to help you choose the best rocking bassinet for your and your baby’s needs.

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